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Thank You For The Memories
From: Pierce   Live Shark 05-May-15   08:36 PM
Thanks to  everyone who brought us a great 9 years of Sharks hockey -
Those who brought the team to Worcester, with out these people there  would be nothing.
Everyone who worked for the Sharks office you did a great job .
The players, coaches and team staff - You broiught us some of the best hockey ever, we will miss you---- Thank you.
The Staff of the DCU  Center those who we saw every game and those we did not - We will see some you 2 more times at the DCU . Thanks for everything you have done over the past 20 years to keep the place running smoothly.
Thank you to the media Bill Ballou and other from the Telegram and Gazette, WTAG Radio, Arena announcer George Brown and Sherman Whitman, CharterTV3 Kevin Shea and everyone who brought us the games on tv.
Eric Lindquist - The voice of the Sharks home and away. You did a great job.
Thank you to the AHL staff.
Adam Webster you did a great job at every game.
FINZ the best mascot in the AHL thank you.
Thank you to the Booster Club and everyone who kept it going smoothly especially Chris O'Shea you did a great job over the past 20 years.
Hopefuly I forgot nobody. Thank you everyone.
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