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Scores and stats

Scores and Statistics
Date:2014-10-26 00:00:00.0
Game: Portland Pirates at Worcester Sharks
Score:Pirates 1 Sharks 4
Stats: GP - 6
L - 1
OTL - 1
SL  - 0
PTS - 9

1st Period
Pirates 1 Sharks 0
Shots on Goal
Pirates 11 Sharks 9

2nd Period
No scoring
Shots on goal
Pirates 8 Sharks 11

3rd Period
Pirates 0 Sharks 4
Sharks 1st goal scored by
Freddie Hamilton assisted by Danill Tarasov assisted by Evan Trupp @2:41
Sharks 2nd goal scored by
Freddie Hamilton assisted by Danill Tarasov and Evan Trupp @ 6:48 (PP)
Sharks 3rd goal scored by
Freddie Hamilton assisted by Konrad Abeltshauser  and Daniil Tarasov @ 7:53
Sharks 4th goal scored by
Evan Trupp assisted by Rylan Schwartz and Brian Lerg @18:33 (EN)
Shots on Goal
Pirates 10 Sharks 15
Total shots on Goal
Pirates 29 Sharks 35

3 Stars of the Game
#3- #1 - Troy Grosenick (28 saves,w) Sharks
#2 -#19 Daniil Tarasov (3a) Sharks
#1 - #12 Freddie Hamilton (3g)

Game Summary
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Pirates vs Sharks

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